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Typically the old ones!


use their computer daily


are interested in E-Learning

The bad news first

Digital educational opportunities for older people are rare. E-learning is usually aimed at school pupils and students and is now a common form of training and further education in companies. 

Here is the good news

OldSchool is an e-learning platform specifically developed for seniors. OldSchool helps to eliminate the deficit of educational offers for a population group which is growing quickly and which will become more and more digitally competent in the future…

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Oldschool Platform

From gardening, languages, art & culture, health and fitness to university studies – the contents on the platform are broadly diversified. A focus is also placed on the opportunities for participation in research, citizen science and sustainability projects. We work together with universities, adult education centres, museums, cultural institutions and digital course providers to provide content.

Our vision

We envision a world that supports healthy aging through life-long learning that is not hindered by the digital divide between generations.

Our mission

We will enable seniors (65+) to access life-long learning opportunities by providing them with a distance learning platform tailored to their age and digital literacy.



We want you!

The success of OldSchool depends very much on the people, institutions, organizations and companies that participate in the project. This participation can take place in different ways. We are looking forward to discussing this with you. 

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You can also send us an e-mail directly:

Thanks a lot and see you soon!

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