Our research projects

Workforce 50+ Attitudes toward aging and participation in job-related training
(Irena Stanisic)

Adults aged 50+ are becoming an increasingly important part of the workforce. At the same time, continuous technological development has led to changes in the labor market and in the skills required for work. This increases the need for education and training of the workforce. In this study, we are particularly interested in attitudes toward this issue among the working population aged 50+. The study explores motivation to participate in learning opportunities, attitudes toward aging, and their influence on learning participation. For this purpose, we are searching for study participants aged 50-65 who are employed in a company. Data collection is expected to begin in mid-May 2023.

For questions and information, please contact irena.stanisic@uzh.ch.

Does e-learning tailored to the age of learners lead to a greater learning success?
(Julia Sulzmann)

In this Master’s thesis, the first step is to adapt a module of the e-learning course “Studium Digitale” to the needs of people over 60. Subsequently, it is tested whether the adaptation for seniors leads to better learning performance than the original learning module. In terms of content, participants can deepen their knowledge of how to use the Internet and online media. Finally, we ask whether the adaptation of the module contributes to a higher satisfaction of the participants.

Enhancing U3A Students’ Social Presence in an E-Learning Course
(Kathrin Inerle)

The focus of the Master’s thesis of Kathrin Inerle is on the social aspects in e-learning. Which methods exist and are suitable to strengthen a sense of social presence? Do these social methods actually promote the quality of an e-learning experience and satisfaction with the e-learning course? Participants in this study test an e-learning course in which social elements have been implemented and provide feedback on it. The results will be used to improve the quality of future e-learning courses. The study is currently conducted.

E-Learning 60+: Usability Testing and Adaptation of an E-learning Course for Seniors
(M.Sc. Cornelia Ursprung)

Cornelia Ursprung presented the results of her Master’s thesis, in which she conducted a study on e-learning with 47 participants on the OldSchool platform. She developed research-based guidelines for the design of accessible online courses and content for the target group of learners over the age of 60. These results yield new insights into relevant and quality-enhancing adaptations of learning content to ensure a good e-learning experience.